What is Genuine Georgia?

Once upon a time, God created a spot so perfect for growing sweet peaches. We call it "The Peach State." Out of this very spot grew The Genuine Georgia Group: three guys born and raised in the same dirt their great-great-grandfathers grew peaches in 130 years ago. Their mission was simple: to spread the word in hopes that everyone in the world could taste the sweetest peaches ever grown. From peaches, they ventured in to pecans and then to apples. The rest is history.

Five generations of Georgia-Grown goodness.

Genuine Georgia Group has a working relationship with all five of the commercial peach farms in the state of GA: Pearson Farm and Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, Taylor Orchards in Reynolds, Dickey Farms in Musella and Fitzgerald Fruit Farms in Woodbury. A sales + marketing cooperative adds immeasurable value to the industry. Consistent supply plus pricing integrity is the name of the game. Over the past two seasons, the growers have increased planted acres by 20%. For the first time in over eight decades, the peach industry is booming in Georgia. The Genuine Georgia Group is at the forefront of this growth and will continue to grow with it.

Peaches, pecans and apples, oh my!

It all began with a peach. But from there Genuine Georgia has expanded with the production of Elliots Brand pecans and the Georgia Apple Company. Each of our products are local + homegrown-good. We promise freshness and we deliver.

Georgia Juicys

We hand select these peaches at the peak of their maturity so that your entire family can enjoy the one-of-a-kind flavor of the iconic sweet Georgia peach. Healthy snacking, delicious flavor, Georgia Juicys.

Elliot Pecans

The Elliot pecan is a variety planted predominantly in the Southeast and is distinguishable by its shape and buttery, hickory taste. We are proud to offer our family's favorite pecan directly to you.

Georgia Apple Company

Georgia is famous for its peaches but our apples are hard to beat! In 2014, Genuine Georgia founded the Georgia Apple Co., produced by three of our five family farms and are available come August.

Preservation. Community. Sustainability.

We asked a simple question… can we maintain our Sweet Georgia Peach heritage, while being on the forefront of innovation and changing consumer demands? And the answer was yes. We are emphatic about flavor and obsessed with freshness through tangible and sustainable farming practices, dating back to 1880. Genuine Georgia focuses on quality and control instead of being "big for the sake of being big." Relationships are important to us. We hand-pick our peaches AND our partners. Learn more about us here.