Sweet Georgia Pecans

For over 125 years, our family has grown Georgia Pecans. Currently, we are distributing the Elliots variety, which will soon be accompanied by our Schley (Sly) variety. Although Genuine Georgia has a working relationship with five commercial farms, the bulk of our product comes fresh from Lane's Southern Orchard + Pearson Farm. These are two of the few farms in the U.S. that operate their own shelling facility, which allows us to control every aspect of planting - growing - harvesting - cleaning and shelling. We never blend in inferior varieties for the sake of profit; our reputation is built on freshness and FLAVOR. One handful of these sweet Georgia gems, and you'll understand the reasoning behind our pecan passion.



The Elliot Pecan is a variety planted predominantly in the Southeast and is distinguishable by its shape and buttery + hickory taste. Packed with more oil than any other pecan, the Elliot is also naturally sweet. Find them at a Kroger near you.



Did you know? Pecans are healthy, delicious and nutritious. They are PACKED with antioxidants - the highest per serving of any nut. A diet rich in antioxidants helps to "clean up" and neutralize free radicals in your body, aiding in cardiovascular and digestive health, disease prevention and anti-aging. 



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Sweet GA Pecans are not just for desserts during the holidays - they can be enjoyed year-round as a healthy snack. Discover delicious recipes from the GA Pecan Growers Association here. While our packing season runs from the Fall to Spring, our varieties can be found daily at a retailer near you.